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Minecraft Fan makes Amazing Star Wars Build, Wins Contest

Minecraft builds form a significant part of the gaming experience for the most popular game of all time, which is about punching down trees. There are many amazing things to see. From the functional such as this YouTuber changing Pac-Man into a horror show to more traditional, such as these Civilisation VI cutscene replicas. Mojang sometimes runs competitions to help players, but they are not limited in their creativity.

Mojang challenged players to create amazing Star Wars-themed items using blocks. The winner is someone called Ashwood, who recreated the Vuutun Palaa which was a Battleship of the Lucrehulk class which was in charge of the droids during the Naboo invasion in Episode 1: secretly the most popular Star Wars film.

Ashwood, who goes by the name Gumliii on Reddit, explains that the building does not currently have an interior, but they are contemplating it. Gumliii has created some Star Wars-themed models which you can view on their Planet Minecraft page. They also posted a comment saying that they'll upload this build to the site to allow you to download it and play with it. Be aware that it's a large diameter of around 1,300 blocks and utilizes the full height limit of 383 blocks. It's big.

The other entries to the contest include stunning cityscapes, as well as an homage to famous battles and models as well. If you're looking at them and wondering how they manage to put these things together, most of the bigger ones utilize plugins like WorldEdit to make things easier. Gumliii took two weeks creating it, however, so it's still a titanic effort even using the plugins.

I won the Star Wars Build Contest with this Lucrehulk Battleship! from Minecraft

If you're interested in extremely complex constructions, you should definitely consider looking into this amazing IRL creation of a Minecraft piston made out of Lego. It even moves, although they didn't make functional Redstone, which is probably for the best.

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