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Minecraft Meets Omni Virtual Reality Rig PC Game Gets A New Launcher

Minecraft might not be the most exciting experience but walking is the only thing the Omni virtual reality device needs. Above two Omni developers take Minecraft multiplayer for an adventure. They demonstrate the high-voltage walking, running, and jumping that players can expect to experience in VR.

Omni Kickstarter still has 20 days left before the deadline and is currently at $970,000 of the $150,000 goal.

For everyone without an Omni setup - or with one, eventually - Minecraft comes with a brand new launcher for PC. To play Minecraft 1.6 and any future updates, you'll need the new launcher. The new interface is able to support multiple usernames within the Mojang account (although this feature isn't yet enabled by Mojang) however, it does allow multiple usernames.

The new system will update automatically without the need to manually update. Single-player content will also be available offline. Players must be online for this to be the case or the launcher will continue to try to reach the Minecraft servers.

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